Cheap Presents which Look Expensive – Handmade Christmas Sweet Filled Jars

Cheap Presents Which Look Expensive
Cheap Presents Which Look Expensive

With our Handmade & Personalised Sweet Jars you have found the perfect cheap presents which look expensive – they won’t cost you the earth yet they are so unique and are always adored by recipients!

Our Christmas Sweet Filled Jars make perfect Christmas Gifts for all your friends and family, particularly if you have an awkward relative and you are sick of buying them socks every year!

Everyone struggles to find unique Christmas gifts and it gets boring to get the same present year after year.

This jar of sweets and chocolates can be fully personalised – you can ‘build-a-jar’ and tailor it for absolutely anyone!

A fab way to add that extra personal touch to your gift 😊

It is filled with the following sweets and chocolates:

Candy Cane
Chocolate Coins
Foil covered chocolate snowmen, Christmas puddings and santas
Quality Street
White Chocolate Jazzies
Jelly Babies
Kinder Choco Bons

All Sweets are bought fresh and all expiry dates are well into 2018

Here is another lovely Christmas photo jar all ready to be shipped.

Perfect Christmas Gifts
Perfect Christmas Gifts

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